Yumi Launch ‘Asha’ Dress For Nepal Earthquake Appeal

As events continue to unfold following the devastating earthquake in Nepal over the weekend, there has been an outpouring of public support for both the country and the survivors in the wake of the tragedy.

Your eye col­or is sud­den­ly translu­cent, cheeks are flushed, there is soft rosy halo around your lash line, and your lips…your lips deep­en as blood rush­es through them and cre­ates a beau­ti­ful, trag­ic look. This lip hap­pens to work well for day or evening and does­n’t require you to cry! This method allows you to wear any lip col­or in a very nat­ur­al and believ­able way.

In my summer bag...
In my sum­mer bag…

The secret to this look is cre­at­ing a soft halo around your lip line. Start by tak­ing your favorite lip­stick, stain, or chub­by lip pen­cil and sat­u­rat­ing the col­or just on the cen­ter of your lips. Then, take your fin­ger and blend the col­or over your lips as if you are rubbing.

Once the col­or starts dis­solv­ing into your lips, drag your fin­ger right on top of your lip line, bleed­ing the col­or into your lip—especially over your cupid’s bow. It’s like fin­ger paint­ing on a sen­su­al can­vas, lead­ing to the per­fect stain that will last for hours.

This tech­nique will also allow you to use those beau­ti­ful pops of col­or you’re always eye­ing but nev­er dare to buy, since the method will only cap­ture the color’s essence. My favorite three col­ors to use for the trag­ic lip are a coral red, a clas­sic mauve, and a deep wine. The first col­or I used in the pic­tures is YSL’s Rouge Pur Cou­ture Ver­nis À Lèvres Glossy Stain in 8 Orange De Chine (which also made an appear­ance in this week’s lip stain roundup!)—the per­fect orange-coral stain, but you must work quick­ly with blend­ing as it sets quick. The sec­ond look is the rosy-mauve Clé de Peau Beauté Extra Rich Lip­stick in 106. This creamy for­mu­la feels so heav­en­ly on the lips and imparts the per­fect “you-could-nev­er-go-wrong” col­or, giv­ing you a super-nat­ur­al, yet flat­ter­ing look. The third col­or is the Nars Vel­vet Mat­te Lip Pen­cil in Train Bleu. Swipe this vampy col­or dead-cen­ter on lips and give it a good rub down to trans­form your mouth into a dead­ly weapon that kills silently.

Shear Bracelet
Shear Bracelet

Find­ing the per­fect gift for a friend can feel much more com­pli­cat­ed than it should. You already know the per­son well enough to war­rant giv­ing her a present, but you also want what­ev­er you give to reflect how well you know each oth­er. Is it too imper­son­al? Is it fan­cy enough, or are you try­ing too hard? What do you give some­one for a birth­day ver­sus a bridal show­er? We’ve round­ed up the obvi­ous occa­sions for gift­ing: engage­ments, thank-yous, etc., but also con­sid­ered what to give in less tra­di­tion­al sit­u­a­tions — like when you’ve been a crap­py friend and need to grov­el for for­give­ness (answer: weed). Or maybe you have a fren­e­my that requires an extra-spe­cial item, because you obvi­ous­ly have far supe­ri­or taste. Whether you choose a real­ly good bot­tle of bour­bon, a sriracha key­chain, or the per­fect nurs­ing bra, click ahead to be that per­son who always gives the right present to the right person.


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